May.04.09 at 12:37 am
I don't think Fludd was looking to start a company for his perpetual motion machine. In any case, the inventors who followed him would never admit a little thing like "setbacks."

I picked up Voodoo Science at a used bookstore the other day. There's plenty of inventors in it claiming to have discovered miraculous new energy sources, people like Joe Newman, Randy Mills and James Patterson, but my favorite guy from the book has to be Dennis Lee of Better World Technologies for his innovative use of tent revival techniques in pitching a perpetual motion device of the second type.

The audience, already exhausted by the long wait in the sun, had to struggle to keep up. if there was a momentary break in the action as they raced from one miracle to another, Dennis Lee would plug the gap with antigovernment, anti-industry, antiscientist, pro-God harangues. No form of authority was spared. He even made references to his jail time-naturally, his incarceration had been part of a plot by greedy polluters to supress the technologies that might save the world. 'I never took a course-I'm really not a very bright man-but I'm God's man.' People stood and cheered.

Now, don't expect to get your generator installed right away. Dennis Lee explained that if they bring out this technology too quickly it will wreck the economy. They love America too much to do that-unless the polluters try to block them. 'The scientists do whatever the government tells them to do. We want what's best for America, but if it comes to war, the Fisher engine will destroy them. A war with us could be a very bad thing for the United States.'

I'm not sure what Lee is up to these days, but this was in 1997, so either he's still being kept down by the running dogs of capitalism or the economy is just too fragile to roll out the Fisher Engine.

From the book I also found out about the NIH's National Center for Complementary and Alternative Medicine. Looks like they might get the axe. Tom Harkin must be despondent.
Apr.28.09 at 11:26 pm
...I'm feeling under the weather and would like to do some resting. In the mean time enjoy the sketches above and the links below.

Final Fantasy X I I I - A first look at the english dubbing for the latest FF. It's so awesome you'll be required to high five some one as soon as it's over.

Robot Penguins - ROBOT damn PENGUINS. The fuck else do you want?!

Also a reminder, Matt, Jes, and I will be attending ACen in two weeks. We've prepped some new shirts designs I hope you like and I'll also attempt one of my art panels. But mostly please, feel free to come by and chat while I happily doodle for your amusement.
Apr.13.09 at 03:44 pm
An early version of this strip read "I just want to be loved." However, anglerfish love involves the male losing his digestive system, fusing to a female and withering into a pair of gonads.

So I figured I'd save that one for Valentine's Day.
Apr.01.09 at 02:48 am
-First up, people wanted to see a higher resolution version of last week's panel 2. So here you go:
On Similes: Panel 2, High(er) Resolution

-Second, Henry Freeman. Need I say more?

-Third, Elder Sign.

-Fourth, I love the art of Niklas Jansson. His sense of volume, color and mechanics is staggering and I study anything he posts hoping to absorb the awesome. I've also really enjoyed the art and design of Megaman Legends. The robots are wonderfully iconic. Plus I have a soft spot for low resource games, which is sated by it's PS1 era graphics.

So when he posted up his latest mind scribblings, I was quite thrilled. Damn, that's awesome. I love how he expands apon the style of the game to overlap some of the original megaman's robot designs. Seriously, I receive nourishment from staring at these designs.

It's funny though, he loves him his low ride panties. (Which I won't fault him for as he draws them quite cute.) I like to play a game of "time till pantie" with his design docs. Same rules as "time till crate".

Bomber Queen - Scroll bar to bottom.

Master of Orion - 2/3rds down.

Star Control - Don't even need to scroll.
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