Feb.24.09 at 05:31 pm
Alright, time to unload some linkage:

S-Words! - My house-mate, Dom, has been doing a weekly, pop-culture podcast with some friends of late. Wednesday, I believe, I'll be helping out, so you'll get to hear my dorky and awkward voice trying to keep up with these masters of the jaw.

Nine Shot Sonata - Xero started a new comic to work his magic with. I recommend you investigate.

Fishmen - Lovecraftian musical number. Quality.

Haruhi-chan - Adorable, miniature version of Haruhi short. This one is my current favorite.

Bravest Warriors - From the creators of Adventure Time!

Thief and the Cobbler - Man am I late to the game on this one. A charming animated movie from a when I was tiny.

The Remarkable Journey of Higgins Von Higgings - Awesome.
Feb.24.09 at 05:19 am
Well, that's it for the Angels segment. That was a really fun set to draw. Also allowed me to pull some stuff from my ten year old works. You people seem to have rather enjoyed it too given the enormous amount of positive feedback about it. Especially the angel.

For the people questioning where the inspiration came from on it, no it was not IG-88, Helper, Scud, or Hob. The inspiration comes from a character type I was drawing back in high school. Those of you who have played my old game RED should be able to recognize the style. (Ah RED, one part pride, one part pure embarrassment) I just wish I still had the original 3D models of the guy from the Meta project... But anyway, thank you for the kind words. My apologies to those I didn't get responses to.

Also, thank you for the kind words about the book. I've very happy to hear that people are really enjoying it.
Feb.16.09 at 04:14 am
We did a few panels and signed some autographs. (Well, we mostly watched while Johnny Yong Bosch signed autographs while we talked to Ken Pontac off to the side about how MadWorld is looking.)

People liked the art books. This was actually the first time we'd seen them, since we shipped them directly to Jeff at Topatoco.

(It was also the first time I saw the shot glasses. I knew the 2 oz. size was bigger, but I didn't know how big. They're dense glass slugs. You could kill someone with these things.)

While I was there, I bought a copy of American Born Chinese, and I highly recommend you do the same.
Feb.09.09 at 11:51 pm

Cherubs 1920x1200
Cherubs 1280x1024

Put together a quick wallpaper of the art book cover. Drew this image at Genericon last year. Decided to paint it up for the book cover last August. Pretty happy with the saturation of cute it obtained.

Art Book!
Feb.09.09 at 04:10 am
Making next week's comic just a recipe would have been kind of a gyp, so:

Soak the corn, husks still on, in a pot of water. If you can't submerge them completely, make sure the tassle side is down. Let them soak for 15 to 20 minutes.

While you're waiting, get the grill hot. You'll have to start sooner than this if you're using a charcoal grill, but if you're using a gas grill, just crank it to medium-high.

Once the corn is soaked, throw it on the grill, turning occasionally.

Keep them on, turning occasionally, for about half an hour. The husks will burn, but don't worry. The water will steam the corn inside the husk perfectly.

For best results, buy your corn from a man selling it along the side of the road from back of a pickup truck.
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