Sep.29.08 at 03:18 am
In return, here is a video of a cat, the accepted currency of the Internet.
Sep.22.08 at 02:43 am
This comic was inspired by this article in the New York Times.
Sep.16.08 at 05:27 am
I know we have a few Blizzard readers that visit the site, so I thought that if I mention this here, it might get the the right person.

To: The artist who did the starting Death Knight armor.
Subject: Great work

I personally love texture work that fakes lighting and relief. I don't mean all that normal-map nonsense you see on current gen hardware. I mean texture work that is a single defuse pass that makes you think there's more to the model than just its silhouette.

With that, I just wanted to say that I really like the texturing done on the starting two sets of armor Death Knights posses during the opening quests. Not because they're 'grimdark' or whatever, but because I find your ability to convey such great detail and texture relief on the body suit like mesh that is the player characters wonderful, and the highlights on the shoulders are top notch. Great work all around.

I always feel obligated to be very accurate when it comes to representing art from these games in my comics. Not sure if it's obsession of details or just a personal study of the style.
Sep.16.08 at 02:00 am
If you play World of Warcraft, you know that the Scourge are the swarms of undead. You've probably heard that some of their soldiers, the Death Knights, are defecting and becoming a playable class in the new expansion.

You may not know that in the latest beta versions, the new Death Knights get sent to the respective capitals of Orgrimmar and Stormwind to introduce themselves as part of the starting quests. There, they're pelted with rotten fruits and insults from the populace.

Apparently in one of the beta versions, a bug carried this behavior over to some other characters.


We just felt like he might have an interesting story.

Oh, and this is a crab pot.
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