Sep.09.08 at 01:15 pm
Random link time:

Been listening to these guys in my play list a lot lately. I particularly like 'Helix Nebula'. Reminds me of a Megaman song if only for the jump noise they use now and again.

There's plenty of other music on 8bitpeoples, I just haven't gone through it all yet. So far these guys are my favorite.
Sep.09.08 at 03:01 am
Sep.01.08 at 05:28 am
Gonna get some sleep then wrap up over the course of the day.

It's a color comic, as you can see, using camera angles I'm not very adept at drawing, but I'm giving it a go.
Aug.28.08 at 04:05 am

It holds about 9 regular packs of Tic-Tacs. Went with the white ones because I can't find the dark green ones out here.

First up, Warren, it was cool to talk with you at the office. I rather enjoyed getting to just shoot the shit for a while.

Lately, I've been playing the hell out of S4 League. (That video on the splash page is annoying.) It's been scratching an action-twitch itch for me. I dig the Phantasy Star art style and the music's not bad.

It's a third person, shooter, death match game, that reminds me of playing Unreal Tournament with the matrix moves mod. Game Play footage. The game is in beta, but it seems even after launch it will be 'free' supported by Micro Transactions. Given my pay-check is paid by such conventions, I approve of such a model. However, the concept of repairing my Cherub's ever decaying face is a little strange to me.

One giant recommendation I have is that, should you play, don't spend all of your starting money on clothes. You can buy a few, but note your starting weapons are on a timer, and if you have no weapons and no money to buy new ones, your pretty much boned as your account will be unplayable.

I'd like to do a wall paper of my character later, but we'll even see if I have time.

Note: Thank you to all who sent in the kind words of my engagement to Jessica. It was really nice to see such support.
Aug.26.08 at 04:48 pm
My laptop's monitor seems to be crapping out on me. There's now a band of color on the right side that won't go away. I was really hoping I could squeeze a few more years out of this thing... I wonder how expensive replacing an XPS monitor is...
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