Mar.31.08 at 02:09 pm
I'm a guy who thinks that if a game looks good, that makes it more fun. So I didn't really think I'd get in to Dwarf Fortress.

I downloaded on a whim after reading the saga of Boatmurdered. As you can see from that link, it's a game that consists entirely of text characters, or a "roguelike" to those in the know. You command little smiley faces (dwarves) to carve rooms out of grey punctuation marks (rock) while setting up defenses in case of an attack by lowercase g's (goblins, or possibly rabid groundhogs).

When you start the game, it generates a world for you, complete with procedural rivers and erosion. When you dig out your fortress, you dig through geological layers appropriate to the terrain you picked. (This is great because I love geology. I'm all "Shit yeah! Gneiss!" when I play. It's hard to make a game for me.)

I have started up a game, started tinkering with the fort, and looked out the window to see the sun rise. This is unproductive. I should just wipe it from my computer, but, you know... gneiss.
Mar.31.08 at 02:09 pm
So remember that pixel action game, Noitu Love 2, I mentioned last week? Well, there's a demo out now. I haven't tried it myself yet as I am still at the office.

As for news on the less action-y front; Last year I put a lot of man-hours into one of our projects here at Three Rings. It's been hard not to talk about it, because I'm pretty proud of the work I did. However, it went in to beta last Tuesday and I've received the go-a-head on letting you people know about it.

See about this time last year I decided to teach myself Action Script 3. (Why the shit does AS3 NOT have multidimensional arrays!?!) From there I just started programming my own game for Whirled. I decided to make a side scrolling crawl-n-brawl with my usual hyper cute style. Though I seriously regret the name of my theme. Sounds pretentious and weeaboo-like.

I've very happy with the game. Besides the help I had refactoring the code for ease of reading, it's all my creation from art to code. Note though there seems to be a massive memory leak that might end the game early... Flash's fault. Honest.

Anyway, feel free to check out my little Brawler. Maybe even wander around the rest of Whirled. Anything with the 'Kawaii' tag, by the way, is probably my creation. Get a hold of the latest version of Flash, and Firefox then head over to Whirled if you like. it's essentially a browser/flash based Object Oriented Multi-User Dungeon. At least that's how I think of it. Users don't even need an account to wander the Whirled and, my favorite, you can even embed your room right into a web page.

What I particularly love about Whirled though is that if you can code flash, you can code for Whirled. You want to make a multiplayer game? We did the ground work for you. Just right your game and plug in our multiplayer library. Though I admit to be a little frightened about what kind of avatars and games will eventually get made for this... Internet, you're scary after all.

Hopefully by this time next week, I'll have the official Three Panel Soul group going and this site will finally have a forum, plus a real time graphical chat room. Quite a jump for 8 years of no community support.
Mar.31.08 at 05:01 am
...Panel one sure is ugly. Damn.
Mar.24.08 at 01:48 pm
Speaking of pixels, the new Paul Robertson animation is out. You should watch it. For it is awesome.

Paul Robertson's Journal

Those unfamiliar with his work, Warning: It's a bit morbid and makes heavy use of strobe light effects.
Mar.24.08 at 02:57 am
A simple comic for you.

At Three Rings, now and again, I'm allowed to wear the hat of a programmer. Sometimes though I get really distracted and just start writing systems such as virtual jello.

So yeah, we're all moved in now into our swanky new house. Complete with Dom room mate. Now he gets to see that Fred isn't the only sporadically emo artist. Though it has been amusing to see him write a column, watch basketball, and tank Heroic Ramparts all at the same time.


A bunch of us at the office all picked up the DS Crystal Chronicles and have been enjoying it quite thoroughly. People knock it, but I've really had a good time with it. Seriously though, don't bother with the single player. It's just not worth it.

If you enjoy real time hack-slashery, while leveling and gathering some of the cutest armor ever this game is for you.

Big Dog

This thing is creepy. Come on, it looks like it came straight from Silent Hill.


I love pixel art. I love indy games. I think I'll love this.


Whoah, Splurd respawned?.
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