Mar.10.08 at 04:41 am
The Perfect Drug, Rock Band style.
Mar.10.08 at 03:11 am
Poor chibi-Jes. How does she reach the foot pedal? To be fair, Perfect Drug is a bitch on drums. Like all NiN.

We'll be relocating to our hew home this weekend. So theres a good chance the comic might be held back if I don't get it done before this weekend for next week.

Side note. CJ7 is pretty awesome.
Mar.03.08 at 04:44 am
Mar.03.08 at 03:32 am
So remember that Cherub and Bear image I made the video of for Genericon? And how it was inspired by some bloke named George? Yeah, the comic is an example of what I ment.

He's known for saying terrible things while at the same time still being totally awesome. It's like having the physical manifestation of your evil conscience, that has no concept of the word 'subtlety', hang out with you.

Random note, last week's comic was was some what inspired by our quest around here to find housing. Happily that hunt came to an end this weekend. As nice as that is, I'll continue to worry about the the whole thing until we've moved in. So much to take care of.

But more on that later.
Feb.19.08 at 03:12 pm
What is it about 'To be Continued' that makes things seem epic? All I wanted to do was make sure people understood this last two was a pair, but I think I made things worse.

Aw well.

Bonus Tracks

So Animation on Display was this last weekend. I think Matt and I gave our absolute worst 'Mac Hall' panel to date. Guh, so out of practice with these cons. If you were there, I apologize completely. However, thanks be to Dom and Jes for adding director's commentary to our bombing panel.


GDC has moved into the convention hall across the street from my office. Which would explain why there's been random parades of students coming through here this week. Nice folk.


Man, while adorable, this ninja's outfit must be drafty.
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