Feb.19.08 at 03:12 pm
What is it about 'To be Continued' that makes things seem epic? All I wanted to do was make sure people understood this last two was a pair, but I think I made things worse.

Aw well.

Bonus Tracks

So Animation on Display was this last weekend. I think Matt and I gave our absolute worst 'Mac Hall' panel to date. Guh, so out of practice with these cons. If you were there, I apologize completely. However, thanks be to Dom and Jes for adding director's commentary to our bombing panel.


GDC has moved into the convention hall across the street from my office. Which would explain why there's been random parades of students coming through here this week. Nice folk.


Man, while adorable, this ninja's outfit must be drafty.
Feb.16.08 at 03:12 am
Back from the AoD. Not that we went anywhere, but still, cons are taxing on the facilities. Had fun and talked to a lot of nice people.

I'd like to talk a bit more, though I'm not sure when I'll have time today. Busy day back at the office.
Feb.12.08 at 05:08 am
Feb.07.08 at 04:36 am

We've put up a temporary store for the prints.

The new and improved Topatoco store is actually going to be coming up over the weekend after they do some security testing, so we're just using this in the meantime.

Once the new store is up, you'll be able to bundle a whole bunch of stuff from a whole bunch of other comics and save on shipping.

There's also new inventory tracking and whatever, but you don't care about that.
Feb.07.08 at 04:27 am
Hey look at that, another comic spawned. Must have had a server restart.

A while ago, I asked for input on Tablet PCs. I promised to report back when I made my final decision. Just wanted to give a heads up that my plans for such a purchase is on hold for now but the info you have fired my way has been archived and is very much appreciated. Until I am able to settle on a choice, I just thought I would mention the overwhelming recommendation of the Toshiba models or a Cintiq. While the Cintiq looks to have great sensitivity, I still would like a mobile solution.

Anyway, that will be something to mull over down the road.

Also, Wakfu Series. The last two artists I've talked about actually work for that game company, in case the art style wasn't obvious. Two things about this though... This guy is a living portal gun? And, this girl is twelve?
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