Jan.09.08 at 02:43 pm
*8:35am - Wakes up*

*10:42am - Checks email*

*10:43am - Collects jaw from floor*

Man, that's quite a bit of feed back on the tablets. Thank you. I shall begin going through this at lunch.
Jan.09.08 at 05:46 am
Today's present was a chunk of toilet paper torn from the roll and dragged into the bed. It was adorable and gross.
Dec.29.07 at 10:33 pm
I don't think I have anything to add about Mass Effect except that it's the only game I've played where you can have lesbian sex without meaning to.

I've been putting some stuff together about serialized stories, but it'll take a while to finish.
Dec.29.07 at 06:37 pm
Son of a...

Got up today and the first thing I did was open my computer. Cat jumps up and steps on the keyboard. Blue screen of death.

The error I got was it said the hall.dll was gone or corrupt. Transplant the HD to Jes's computer and I find out that the whole damn Windows folder is gone. Not hidden or protected, gone.

My luck it's a virus. Reguardless, first the tablet issues, now I'm just completely out of commission.
Dec.29.07 at 06:52 am
Pen found!

Originally I wanted to have a long winded quest dialog being spouted by the blue one. But I figure any words would only detract from the simple comic.

I did this comic because I recently finished that game. Filled my Morrowind urges quite well. Went the soldier route. I'm sure my past would show that as unsurprising. So this made the game rather easy.

Enthusiastic thumbs up on this one. My gripes are limited, such as how the controls for the Mako were annoying and the damned B button kicks you out of the universe map. (If you have interacted with that gorgeous map, you know what I'm talking about) I also was shocked to be treated to a satisfying ending. I guess Assassin's Creed left me wounded and expecting to be hurt again... Damn that was a shitty way to end that.

I'm sure if Matt had the urge he could give you a far more in depth view of the game, being I basically treated it as a shooter with character building.
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