Oct.01.07 at 10:07 pm
Holy shit.

d('_' )
Oct.01.07 at 03:26 am
My original Dragoon mithra was lost to the years of inactivity. (That and I have no idea what my old login info was, making the 'Return Home' feature useless.) So I had to start over. Saw the game for $20 when I was shopping for a couple GBA games. So yeah, the new version of the 'ol girl is once again stabbing things on the Phoenix server with the Shirt Ninjas... Every now and again that is. Not alot of time to be spend on gaming these days.

Enough about grindan games. As Matt said over there, we'll be selling prints of the final Mac Hall comic by the end of the week. While we only made 500, that was still a lot of signing... Guess it was to make up for passing on conventions this year.
Oct.01.07 at 03:18 am
This week we're going to have prints of the last Mac Hall comic. We've had quite a few people ask for these.

A couple days ago we sat down, numbered them 1 to 500, and signed them all.

They're on their way to Mr. Rowland by UPS, and should be up in the store pretty soon.
Sep.25.07 at 10:29 pm
That isn't Helen, even if he accidently kind of drew a girl who looks like her.
Sep.25.07 at 04:39 am
Let's try this again:

*I am happy with how the comic looks. Thumbs up and all that jazz. (Especially panel 2)

*The failure is just that I seem to have drawn an orange where an apple should be so to speak, causing people to get the wrong meaning from the comic. Or so the feedback would lead me to believe.

*Yes, Panel 1 is totally "invisible cheezeburger". You win 4chan. Mad props.
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