Aug.27.07 at 12:14 am
So he couldn't just Google for it.
Aug.24.07 at 04:35 am
...I guess I'm threatening looking. In an angsty, stick figurey kinda way. I think.
Aug.21.07 at 02:33 pm
I am the man on point with the vacuum.

At least we don't own the building, so haw haw on you apartment management.
Aug.17.07 at 01:54 am
By contrast, Greg lives about 25 miles north and does comics about the San Francisco's ever-changing weather.

This place has crazy microclimates.
Aug.10.07 at 03:02 am
We're going to take a mulligan on the logo shirt and redesign it, but the redesigned "sell your soul for a cookie" shirt is up.
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