Jul.17.07 at 03:16 am
Yeah, it's weird looking, but part of the promise I made to myself, was that with this comic I would keep screwing around with the visuals whenever the mood struck me. Will they all rock out loud? No. Some fiddlings will be better than others.
Jul.10.07 at 02:01 am
#$%^&*!... My damn eye won't stop twitching.
Jul.06.07 at 04:34 am
I had to rename him to "Stonewall Riots."
Jul.06.07 at 04:33 am
I felt like challenging myself a little with the art on this one. Pretty happy with the result, but the softness looses some of the brush work. Ah, well, I'm picky.
Jun.25.07 at 04:50 am
The next in the series is "God in the Machine: Optimus Prime as a messianic figure in Transformers slash fiction."
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