Jun.25.07 at 04:50 am
The next in the series is "God in the Machine: Optimus Prime as a messianic figure in Transformers slash fiction."
Jun.18.07 at 02:42 am
Since those last wallpapers, I've gotten quite a number of requests for other characters in the same style. Particularly Cherabim. I'll try to comply.
Jun.07.07 at 11:29 pm
Man, gone this long with out posting a wallpaper... Let's fix that.

Jun.07.07 at 04:08 am
Cherabim, Risu, Malakym. A handful of my various MMO gals.
May.30.07 at 02:15 am
The footnotes for the curious or confused:

U.S. military continues to discharge gay Arab linguists, and Congress members seek hearing -Associated Press

U.S. Government Gave Airtime to Terrorists, Official Admits -ABC News blog of congressional hearings

The Homosexual Agenda is in favor of a lot more than that but he has come to appreciate the necessity of compromise.

Hey Ian, you should try City of Villains again. The new invention system really revitalized the game.
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