Apr.30.07 at 01:20 am
I wish I was trying to make some hamhanded point here, but this is how it went down. I've been out on my ass for two weeks now.
Apr.30.07 at 01:15 am
To clarify, the show I saw was pretty much this. There was songs I liked, songs I hated, and all of it way too loud. Am I already 'old'? heh...
Apr.27.07 at 02:43 am

Sorry about the animated GIFs cluttering up the rant boxes. They'll be pushed off soon enough.
Apr.16.07 at 03:37 am
It feels good to bust out the old style now and again. Just a shame I don't have the time these days to invest in it. My only complaint about this strip is it's a little busy. Too many details. Most of that comes from the background being too high contrast.

Anyway, wanna see something cool?

As a side note, it turns out dwarfs are hard characters to express emotion with. Way too much hair.

And yeah, still wearing tier 1. Really haven't logged any serious time in game since the expansion launched. I guess I'm just not thrilled about returning to the grind as it where.
Apr.10.07 at 02:18 am
If the comic isn't up on the usual day, the soonest it'll be up is late the next night. This being I now keep a PST schedule job so I can't really work on it during the day or morning to get it to you sooner.
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