Mar.16.07 at 01:41 am
I find the more I loosen my line work the more I'm enjoying the results. When I first started down this path I was trying to carve with ink. Modeling to some degree after some Frank Miller works, but the cleaner stuff just wasn't doing it. That or I really hated drawing in Flash. God, I hate Flash...

But then I sat down and started doodling my old City of Villains character, Risu, and ended up with this:

I really like that character, shame the game got boring. Seems to be a common fate with my MMO characters.

Side note, this is awesome.
Mar.12.07 at 11:00 am
Not everyone keeps up on the news.

(Yes, the icon is derived from the guerilla Gorillaz marketing campaign.)
Mar.09.07 at 08:55 pm
Some one forgot to upload the strip last night. Remedied.
Mar.06.07 at 04:49 am
Mmmm... random art style change. It was such a good cartoon.
Feb.26.07 at 01:44 am
The cross-stitch was a gift from Jin Wicked. It's framed and everything.
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