Feb.20.07 at 04:15 am
...And already a ball joke.

No, I don't hate Macs. I cut my pixelated teeth on them. What I hate is that advertisement campaign.

(Panel 2 came out rather bad.)
Feb.16.07 at 09:17 pm
This is Elite Beat Agents, level 12. (Track song: "You're the Inspiration" by Chicago.)
Feb.16.07 at 04:43 am
Before I colored the panel, it looked like this:

It's an interesting sketching method I've picked up while working. It involves a fat, broad brush, then widdling down the strokes with the eraser. Fun stuff.

Haven't decided on an update pattern yet. Maybe mon/fri. Also leaning toward tue/thur. Of course any comics at all is a good pattern to go with.
Feb.12.07 at 01:20 am
It begins again.

Our site is forever in the works, but we're more focused on function than form at the moment. There's comics, there's rants, yeah, I think it's good for now. Eventually we'll bust out the stylish CSS or whatever the kids these days are sporting.
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