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| April 18th, 2016

Dec.13.17 at 01:10 pm

Official blog post here


That said, we will continue to explore alternative ways of supporting the comic, but with somewhat less urgency.

Edit: To clarify, we've got no plans to leave Patreon, but will look at diversifying the ways to support the comic.

Dec.11.17 at 01:49 pm

As you may have seen elsewhere, Patreon is changing their payment schedule in a way that will make credit card fees rise for smaller pledges, and passing the fees on to patrons. We posted about about some of the implications for this.

The short version is we are exploring alternate ways of supporting the comic. We've gotten a fair number of requests for this from people who would rather not use Patreon anymore. For the time being, people wishing to use Paypal to make monthly payments, or one big for-all-of-2018 payment, can send it to machallboyd@gmail.com. Just include a note if it's a for-all-of-2018 payment so I know how to tally it for the double comics goal.

We're taking a look at Kickstarter's Drip, though this is still in closed beta. Some people have requested a PO box they can mail a check to. As more stuff gets up and running, we'll post about it here.

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Nov.05.17 at 01:36 pm

We just hit $1,000 on the Patreon and that puts us at double comics! 

We were going to wait until all the pledges got charged at the beginning of next month before starting the double schedule, but we were pretty close last month so we're going to start in a couple of weeks, which will give Ian a chance to figure out how he's going to pull this off and build up a buffer.

In the meantime, the next two comics will be released to patrons a day early. This week's should be visible now.

Sep.18.17 at 02:01 pm

Since we put out the goal to do double comics at $1000/month on the Patreon, we've gotten a flood of pledges and we're now in striking distance. We just need to $200 $164 $90 $62 more in pledges to put us over and do two comics a week, which is why I'm hitting you with the PBS business right now. (The alternative was a Sarah McLachlan soundtrack over a montage of us looking real sad.)

I'm pretty hyped to do this and am planning to visit Jo and Handsome Bob a lot more with the extra strips. If you can put in a dollar, a dollar is great! Patreon people love a lot of small pledges because they're more reliable than a few whales. (And of course don't put in money if it will impact your well-being! Times are tough and you gotta take care of yourself!)