Oct.06.08 at 03:43 am
Well, according to my comic file labellings, this is comic #100. Not the most amazing mark on the comic wagon trail, hell there's comics out there in the thousands, but to me, every 50 just means, that we've made it, with this new comic, through another year with out getting sick of it.

Looking back through the archive, it makes me happy to see so many different rendering styles for the comic over the last year. I hope that Matt feels his writing has been flexible as well for this run. After all the comic really serves as a way for the both of us to keep up skills we might not work out in our day jobs.

Also, if you check out the banner above you'll see we're starting to gear up for the winter sales. These outerwear are just the first of what we have planned over the next two months. I hope you dig our offerings and want to support our efforts with a purchase. Check it, our first hoodie!