Posted November 6, 2007 at 03:57 am

So, as shown in the shots from the Threerings halloween party, I created a paper helmet of the Companion Cube. The cube (corner pads excluded) ends up being roughly 9" tall. The front heart disk is larger than the other sides for the visor. I cut out the heart and stretched a thin pink cloth behind the paper. This created a pink, one way hole for me to peer from and creep the hell out of Matt every time I'd tilt my cube head at him.

The cube now rests on my desk below various Disgaea figures. Purpose served. Feel free to use this pattern for your own nefarious purposes. It's kind of hard to follow, so build at your own risk. (And please don't ask for directions. I'd like to not think about papercraft again for a while.) The images are labeled with a "_x4" or "_x1". This is the amount of times you'll need to print each file to complete the cube.

Next time, in Ian's rant; Another awesome french, digital artist that he's completely jealous of.
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