Feb.02.09 at 04:37 am

If you can't tell, by the big old banner above, I'm excited to say that my art book is finally on sale at our shop. I really hope it's well received as it will give me reason to make more books like this. I finished it last October but due to complications it hasn't been available till now.

I broke the book up by characters and themes, so you'll find a lot of content on characters such as Malakym and Risu. Good news if you like cat girls and ninjas. I also tried to include as much concept and rough art as I could so that you not only see the stuff from our old works but the skeleton work that went in to making them, as well.

The works go from as early as year one Mac Hall to comics not three months ago. So it really stretches the gambit. There's even some of my concept art from Whirled in there. I worked rather hard on getting this book together, given it my first attempt at such a thing. If you you get a hold of one, let me know what you think.

There's also a few other new things in the store, so take a look. If you enjoy our work, the best way to support us is just a click through that store banner.