Posted January 22, 2013 at 04:22 am
Got a couple things I want to mention for your attention if I may!

First up, Matt and I will be doing a few panels and running a table at Animation on Display next month. Take a look at their site for details on times and place. As per usual, we'll be mostly schlepping around shooting the shit. Feel free to swing by and say hello and check out the other nifty things going on.

Next, friend of the site, Cliff Hicks, has released his first book, Escaping Heaven. I've gotten the pleasure of reading quite a few of Cliff's works and I'm quite eager to share the first one he's made public with the rest of you. There's also a change he'll be at AoD as well, so if you like what he's done and will be in the area, why not try for a signature?
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