Posted November 8, 2011 at 05:01 am
Didn't look like a comic was getting done for this week, so I've put up a doodle.

I like the idea of doing a series of images that show a character from a video game advancing from start to end-game. Kind of like those Pokemon level-up things you'll see.

So I did one on my dev character from the game I work on, Spiral Knights. Mind you, in this case, it's kind of cheating as I design all the armor in the game. In fact the last one up there isn't even a proper armor set. It is however, my official forum icon. I guess I made that one because I felt there wasn't an armor set that adequately expressed the right amount of emo.

Ooo! I think the next one I draw should be my Gods Eater avatar. Oh how I wish that one had a NG+ option.
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