Posted April 1, 2013 at 12:01 am
No comic this week! Reason: I've packed up the Photoshop machine into a large truck and have begun moving my family across the country. We're going by car, so this will be no short trip by any means. Some time next week, we should arrive in Ohio to begin the next stage of our adult lives! I personally can't wait to set up my new office and figure out why my CPU/Mobo burnt out...

This also means I won't be drawing a comic for next week either, but Matt assures me that he's lined up a guest comic for my absence. I hope it's to your liking!

It's been seven years since Jes and I first finished college and moved to this coast. I'm going to miss the really amazing selection of food this city has to offer and the really nice, year round, weather. Above all, I will miss the friends I've made, especially those whose bonds we've built that make them no different than family in my eyes. Thank you all, I hope we can share roof and a meal together again soon.

Alright, till we see each other on the other side of this, I hope you all are well and thanks for reading.

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