Posted January 31, 2012 at 03:49 am
No comic this week. Work has me pretty dang busy. Pushing the polygons till the wee hours lately.

In the mean time, I've posted a couple doodles from my iPad. Last October, I picked up one as a guilty present to myself. I've been fascinated with the little devices as a digital sketch pad for some time, and I wasn't disappointed, either. Equipped with a Bamboo Stylus and a copy of Sketchbook Pro, it's served as quite the little idea recorder.

Mind you there are draw backs. No pressure sensitivity being a big one. While I've heard of software breakthroughs from 2010 that allowed for such things, it seems no one grabbed a hold of it. Guess there's always the iPad3. The other issue I have is with Sketchbook itself. The canvas size is set to a scant 768x1024. Blarg.

I stick with SB though because of its gesture based hot-keys and customizable GUI. Having the program keep up with your stream of drawing is vital to successful doodling. You can't keep up a good flow of ideas if you have to stop every 30 seconds to find the tool you need or to undo a step. (Learn your hot-keys!)

Lastly; I have to say, few things make me grin like Giant Bomb quicklooks. I highly recommend everyone should try some.
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