Apr.21.08 at 08:12 pm
I'm hoping Matt will step in here and explain some things about Dwarves and their dwellings. Me, when I try and play the game, I just see the Matrix. Now if the game looked like this... well, there would be no stopping me. I'd be playing the game non-stop.

The art for today's comic may seem weird. That's because usual game-based comics, I match the comic art to the game's art style to some degree. With today's the game is all ascii based. To try and show that I made everyone monotone, bright, and on a almost black background. Successful? You tell me. You might almost notice the character's foreheads.

I also want to talk about another couple indy games. The first is Noitu Love 2. It's out and you should play it. Buy at your own leasure, but at least try the demo. It's a fun fast paced pixel game, and I love me my pixel art. The game itself seems to be riddled with bugs, as I've fallen through/behind the world on almost twelve occasions. Considering how short the game is, that's pretty silly. Regardless, it's cool beans.

Third game I'll just mention in short. Yume Nikki. Sorry I don't have a direct link to the English version of the game for you. All I have to say about it is this: