Mar.31.08 at 02:09 pm
I'm a guy who thinks that if a game looks good, that makes it more fun. So I didn't really think I'd get in to Dwarf Fortress.

I downloaded on a whim after reading the saga of Boatmurdered. As you can see from that link, it's a game that consists entirely of text characters, or a "roguelike" to those in the know. You command little smiley faces (dwarves) to carve rooms out of grey punctuation marks (rock) while setting up defenses in case of an attack by lowercase g's (goblins, or possibly rabid groundhogs).

When you start the game, it generates a world for you, complete with procedural rivers and erosion. When you dig out your fortress, you dig through geological layers appropriate to the terrain you picked. (This is great because I love geology. I'm all "Shit yeah! Gneiss!" when I play. It's hard to make a game for me.)

I have started up a game, started tinkering with the fort, and looked out the window to see the sun rise. This is unproductive. I should just wipe it from my computer, but, you know... gneiss.