Posted June 19, 2024 at 02:55 pm

Perhaps you would like to commission some?

I got into dicemaking a hobby after attending a UV resin craft workshop, made a few, and then people started wanting to buy them.

UV resin is kind of an untested way to make dice, and most people use epoxy resin, which takes a day to set instead of a few minutes. The disadvantage is I have more trouble with bubbles in the resin and warped surfaces. The advantage is that I can experiment and iterate rapidly, and take some risks with wild inclusions. Here's a few I made for friends:

One of my first orders was someone who wanted a gift for someone GMing a campaign where all the players were dog-riding weed-smuggling halflings, so we worked out some dice with weed and dog glitter and blacklight-reactive resin and paint.


Someone else wanted a set of disease-themed d6 to use as counters in a Warhammer game, which I did with dried moss. (He painted the numbers himself later.)

I'm slow-rolling this a bit because I'm still working out if this process is viable or if I'll have to eventually move to epoxy resin, but I've gotten a lot better at polishing them, and I'm trying out all kinds of new stuff. This set will be going up for auction soon to benefit the Oakland Cat Town cat cafe.

It doesn't pay the rent yet, but it's been an exceptionally stupid year to be looking for a software engineering job (which I wrote about some on Mastodon) and every job posting is something like "Can you help us wire up a ChatGPT bot to give people medical advice?" so fuck it, we ball.

If you'd like to commission some, I'm opening it up to the readers of the comic first. Email me at and we can talk about themes and prices. I don't feel justified charging as much as some of the people on Etsy with more experience, but so far I haven't had any unhappy customers.

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