Posted January 10, 2012 at 01:45 pm
I was visiting my parents over Christmas, and they'd just ordered a new washing machine. They were glad to be rid of the old one, because they'd had nothing but problems with it. For years, they haven't wanted to use the jet-dry liquid stuff because shortly after they bought it, a replacement part came in the mail. An accompanying letter explained that there had been a recall due to fires starting in the jet-dry system, and someone would be out shortly to install it.

Nobody came out, so Mom called the number on the letter. "Nobody came out?" they said. "That's weird. Well, someone will be out to install it." Nobody came.

I looked up the recall while I was being told this story. "It says you should stop using it," I said.

"Stop using the jet-dry stuff, right?"

"No, stop using the dishwasher and shut it off at the circuit breaker."

Also, when they remodeled the kitchen, they found it had burned a scorch mark into the linoleum, but Mom thinks that's an unrelated problem.
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