Jul.28.08 at 12:01 am
My soon-to-be wife and I have headed out to upper state New York for a little vacation time. So I'll be very far from all things internet for a while.

My apologies for not ranting in a while. Guess I haven't had much to say since the proposal. I still don't really...

Till I can post some new art, enjoy the work of an artist I admire. Niklas Jansson's site.

This guy randomly does design sheets for re imagined old games and does some top notch retro renditions of old sprites. The detail he goes into is always a treat, and I love his ability to draw attractive machinery. Plus he's got some cute Robot Masters. He's also got a little art tutorial here.

The guy is pretty random. He doesn't seem to focus on much for too long. He's also pretty fond of drawing low riding underwear. All in all, his work is pretty awesome. Enjoy digging through his old works.