Apr.11.11 at 02:03 am
...It's just that, the mobs are all my children, and I oh'so want to see them succeed in their ambitions.

I love loading up the game and watching people play. It's a very satisfying experience to witness my creations come to life and interact with a live, expansive audience. You can also see Nick, above, talk to some folks at Destructoid about how he too has loved to see this game come in to being.

Now, on to other random things!

I like Goblins. Even though I haven't had a good game of it in years, I'm still a dnd nerd.


Secret of the Kells - Found this flik on Netflix a few months ago. Such a delicious art style and the lead characters are rediculously adorable. Shame it kind of fizzles out with the end. I still highly recommend a viewing or two.

Thundercats - Saw the preview at Wondercon, and it has me wondering... Could it work? Liking the design thus far. Though I have to say, "Fight like cats" has to be one of the weakest moral boosters I've heard.

The Governator - Wat..... WAT....