Feb.24.09 at 05:31 pm
Alright, time to unload some linkage:

S-Words! - My house-mate, Dom, has been doing a weekly, pop-culture podcast with some friends of late. Wednesday, I believe, I'll be helping out, so you'll get to hear my dorky and awkward voice trying to keep up with these masters of the jaw.

Nine Shot Sonata - Xero started a new comic to work his magic with. I recommend you investigate.

Fishmen - Lovecraftian musical number. Quality.

Haruhi-chan - Adorable, miniature version of Haruhi short. This one is my current favorite.

Bravest Warriors - From the creators of Adventure Time!

Thief and the Cobbler - Man am I late to the game on this one. A charming animated movie from a when I was tiny.

The Remarkable Journey of Higgins Von Higgings - Awesome.