Posted June 17, 2013 at 08:34 pm


I'm glad Jes and I had this comic ready in the queue for this day. Thursday, June 14th, my wife gave birth to my first son. Only yesterday did we get him home. At the time of this writing, he's sleeping in a my lap, coo'ing to the gentle bass of Jeremy Soule. Talk about surreal.

I don't really have much to share about this new chapter of my family's life, given it just now got started. I'm sure there will be comics about it though.

I will share though, that these ear buds are life savers. I wish I had them when I was going to shows in SF. They don't really quiet or muffle your hearing, but they do take the edge off. My son can be screaming next to my head (or the smoke alarm for that matter) and it's no problem at all. Yet I can still hear him huff out a sleepy breath from eight feet away. If you have tender ears, and are in the market to abuse them, get these.


This game couldn't have come out at a better time for me. The hours I have spent in the hospital waiting for one reason or another has been dulled thanks to the delightful charm of this game. I haven't played one of these since the initial release in college, so there's a lot new for me.

Really though, the main attraction for me has been the pixel editor. Feel free to enjoy some of my favorite creations;

Share them all you like, I really don't care about credit. They were just fun to make.

I hope I unlock the barber soon...

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It feels like an eternity ago, but at one point, I was in college. It was there I met a handful of very talented artists who would expand my knowledge of the digital craft by leaps and bounds. The most notable artist for me was Maury Mountain III.

Just recently he updated his portfolio site. It's pretty epic. Chances are, if you've played games in the last ten years, you've interacted with his works. Want to make game art? Check out what you got to compete with! This guy's shadow is long.

It was amazing how just a few little tricks that he showed me would so drastically alter my process. I can't say I really talk with him much any more as I'm just terrible at keeping communication lines open. Shame really. Who knows what else I could have learned from him in these last ten+ years! heh
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