Jan.25.11 at 04:39 am
Jes stepped in for this one as a birthday gift to me. I thought it was sweet of her. Thank you!

Oh Minecraft. I've played you so much, and have enjoyed many a lost evening, you are amusing to say the least. But damn, your art is terrible. Don't get me wrong, the retro cube-pixel combo is cute and clearly quite catchy, but the animations? Spare a bit of those millions you've made and invest in a good contract animator.

Seriously, this isn't even an aesthetic thing. The animations, or lack of in the case of attack animations, detract from the feeling of immersion, and even worse make combat unsatisfying and clunky. What's that? A skeleton is going to shoot me? Oh wait, it already did because there's no wind-up cue. Just two out stretched arms looking for a hug.

Also, why isn't this mod part of the default game? Not only does it make the world look nicer, it makes the environment easier to parse. At least work in some linear mipmapping to stop the grass from looking like green static in the distance...

Now, pardon me, but I need to see a man about a mine cart booster track.