Posted September 18, 2017 at 02:01 pm

Since we put out the goal to do double comics at $1000/month on the Patreon, we've gotten a flood of pledges and we're now in striking distance. We just need to $200 $164 $90 $62 more in pledges to put us over and do two comics a week, which is why I'm hitting you with the PBS business right now. (The alternative was a Sarah McLachlan soundtrack over a montage of us looking real sad.)

I'm pretty hyped to do this and am planning to visit Jo and Handsome Bob a lot more with the extra strips. If you can put in a dollar, a dollar is great! Patreon people love a lot of small pledges because they're more reliable than a few whales. (And of course don't put in money if it will impact your well-being! Times are tough and you gotta take care of yourself!)

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