Dec.16.09 at 03:43 am
You know what's awesome? This.

You know what else is awesome? This. At least by 2011 I should have a computer capable of running that game. But I can tell you already what race I'll play... Come on! Tiny, cute, and have Mechs as BFF.

EDIT: This seems like it could be pretty awesome too. At least the art style is already awesome.

Reactivated my account for this month and have been leveling Edge Mouse some more. My connection hasn't been stable enough for me to help my guild run Arthas, so Wow's kinda on the back burner. So I thought I'd run around grinding on villains with my cliche cat-girl. Even bought some costume slots to further prove I care too much about avatar appearance. (Hey, I gotta support micro-transactions. They're my bread and butter.)
Dec.07.09 at 08:39 pm
I'm been pretty damn sick the last two weeks, and as the guy who draws the comics, you can imagine this will delay updates. I'll see if I can get some doodles posted or something for your visual amusement.
Dec.07.09 at 06:11 pm
I had to give Big Up Magazine kind of a qualified, wishy-washy recommendation because I hadn't yet seen the physical product. It knew it was almost certainly good, but I couldn't risk misleading you in good conscience. You are my bros! Even those readers who are women.

However! I have since held the magazine in my hands and can give it a hearty thumbs up.

I said last time I really liked the art, and that's still true. The interviews with the artists are equally as good.

The print quality makes it pop, too. As someone who's priced some printing over the years, I was impressed. It's a nice, perfect-bound, glossy color print run. Four issues for $25 with shipping, and an included CD, is a damn good deal.

In fact, I like it enough to get a subscription as a gift for one of the people on my list.
Nov.30.09 at 06:06 am
Props to Daisy, a far more expressive cartoonist than I.
Nov.16.09 at 08:08 am
...I'm a bad person. I can't even blame the wrongness of this comic on George, either. He's too busy being awesome to corrupt me. Every time I laugh at another stupid internet image or chortle at some schadenfreude, a voice in my head questions what's left of my humanity. Reguardless, I'm sure this comic is bound to make my parents proud. U_U...

Unrelated; I'm very very behind on my inbox. I ask both for your patience and forgiveness.
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