Aug.17.10 at 05:11 pm
My inbox is really really backed up. I've very sorry about that. I certainly hope that my silence has not caused the thought of 'he doesn't care' 'cause that shit ain't true.

Receiving feed back is a crucial part of improving my own work and I can't do that if I ignore what I'm given. So, thank you for you words, they are greatly appreciated and I hope to reply to as many of them as possible.

Just note that I've failed English 112 three times in college, so please forgive any wandering commas.
Jun.29.10 at 02:50 am
In case you need a reference.
Jun.23.10 at 05:37 am
Why do I do this to myself?!
May.31.10 at 01:33 am
The last guest comic. Thank you, Xero. I'm sorry I don't have a lot more to say, I'm a little out of it at the moment as I'm about to jump on a plain and I'm pretty sure it's officially 'ass-o'clock'.

Xero has always been a nice fellow, ever willing to share what he's working on. I find seeing some one's sketch work to be like seeing divine secrets revealed. As if the architect himself has left his plans unwatched and I get to examine the construction of their world. This is what I often find in my im windows when I come back from lunch, and it always makes my day.
May.24.10 at 03:35 pm
Jes here; A big thanks to Ananth and Yuko over at Johnny Wander! I was so excited when they were able to pencil a guest comic into their schedule for us, but now that we have it; we're all a little jealous of Yuko's overwhelming ability to draw cute things.

Ian first ran into Yuko years ago when she gave him a moogle sticker. It's still on one of his monitors. I was privileged enough to meet Ananth at Otakon 2003 when I joined the Mac Hall Crew. We don't get to see them much anymore; but when we do it's always a nice and amusing time.

Thanks again to Ananth and Yuko and head over to Johnny Wander for some awesomely cute art and very smart writing.
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