Jun.29.10 at 02:50 am
In case you need a reference.
Jun.23.10 at 05:37 am
Why do I do this to myself?!
May.31.10 at 01:33 am
The last guest comic. Thank you, Xero. I'm sorry I don't have a lot more to say, I'm a little out of it at the moment as I'm about to jump on a plain and I'm pretty sure it's officially 'ass-o'clock'.

Xero has always been a nice fellow, ever willing to share what he's working on. I find seeing some one's sketch work to be like seeing divine secrets revealed. As if the architect himself has left his plans unwatched and I get to examine the construction of their world. This is what I often find in my im windows when I come back from lunch, and it always makes my day.
May.24.10 at 03:35 pm
Jes here; A big thanks to Ananth and Yuko over at Johnny Wander! I was so excited when they were able to pencil a guest comic into their schedule for us, but now that we have it; we're all a little jealous of Yuko's overwhelming ability to draw cute things.

Ian first ran into Yuko years ago when she gave him a moogle sticker. It's still on one of his monitors. I was privileged enough to meet Ananth at Otakon 2003 when I joined the Mac Hall Crew. We don't get to see them much anymore; but when we do it's always a nice and amusing time.

Thanks again to Ananth and Yuko and head over to Johnny Wander for some awesomely cute art and very smart writing.
May.17.10 at 07:14 pm
Today's comic is by Garth of Finders Keepers

We know Garth from the East Coast con scene, but I don't have any good anecdotes about him. I have one about his partner on Comedity, Larom, but it's about how his long-time rock-climbing partner didn't know he did a webcomic until she saw he was the only mutual friend we had on Facebook. It's not really that interesting. I'm just going to skip it.

Hey! We did an interview at alltern8.com. It was over Skype, so you'll occasionally see some chat confusion where Ian thinks I'm talking to him and I'm not. (Some of the transcription also got a little garbled. For instance, "token version" should be "total conversion".)
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