Jun.16.09 at 03:59 am
Yeah, I'm not yet content with how the site looks yet. These rant boxes aren't quite up to par. (Black on white isn't exactly eye friendly in digital form.) I think we'll be switching format completely with the site at some point. So don't expect the dust to settle just yet.

Unrelated, this sound track has been keeping me company at work these days. Afro Samurai, while kind words are rarely said of your game, the music was beyond a success.
Jun.09.09 at 04:19 am
Dom and Jes stepped up to do a comic while Matt and I are occupied with our own situations. Perhaps when these two powers unite, they form the perfect storm?

But yeah... Dom palms my cats' crotches... I think he's just trying to prove dominance in the house.
May.29.09 at 02:25 am
...I'm happy to say it looks like you don't get another doodle today. The comic wasn't complicated or anything, I've just been a little exhausted lately.

But anyway, yeah, this poor guy that was at our table suddenly started spouting blood from his nose at A-Cen. I, as shown above in the comic, have my theories as to why that was. Also, last weekend we were down in San Jose for Fanime. Got another convention coming up at the end of July. Connecticon!
May.12.09 at 03:48 am
I had a great time, but damn, am I glad to sleep in my own bed again.
May.04.09 at 01:27 am
I'll keep it short; S-Words decided to do an interview of Matt and I. Hopefully you'll find it amusing.

Also, again, we'll be going to Acen this weekend for our guestly duties. We'll have two new shirts to boot. Feel free to stay a while and listen.
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