Jan.15.08 at 02:42 pm
How can so much mucus come out of my head and my skull not collapse? This is getting ridiculous.

So I have another random French digital artist that I'm incredibly jealous of. This one draws my current favorite webcomic on the net. Honestly, it says a lot about my criteria for such things since I can't read the comic.

It's called Maliki. Seems to be a 'day in the life' comic about a neon-pink haired elf(?) girl. Each strip is beautifully rendered and expressive. So much so, that even with out being able to understand the dialog, the humor can be translated just based on the art. However, I have no idea what the flying-cyborg-pink-cheetah-girl is supposed to be...

Like I said, incredibly jealous of this one. Amazing art and still updates every week with epic length comics. I must consume this artist's powers as my own.