Posted December 10, 2007 at 04:19 am
Easily the best 1200 Job Points I've ever spent.

Some comics aren't amusing to everyone. In this case, I know 3 people that will get this joke total. For the rest, enjoy some stupid faces.

So over the last month I've been coming to a realization. I've stopped furthering my art skills. This bothers me to know end. It seems since I left school, I've stopped searching out new art styles and studying them. Sure my technical and detail skills have jumped leaps and bounds, but it feels like I lack a base, or something more fundimental that prevents my work.

This came up when I noticed how much I was getting frustrated trying to get what was in my head on paper. At first I thought it was my tools at fault. While that may be a factor, I think my problem is more personal. So I've decided to start working on this. I think my biggest fear now, is that I will fail.

So now I'm once again collecting art. Particular ones close to my own style so that I have a starting point. The problem is that this won't be a fast process. So my frustration will continue. So emo-Ian will continue to be emo. =_=

Till next post.
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