Apr.12.10 at 04:37 am
Does this comic look as sloppy as I think it does? Well if so, I blame CS4. I installed the monster last night and then proceeded to wrestle with it through out the eve. Random zoom-in-zoom-outs while trying to brush and even strokes that are read as 100% pressure every fifth or so swipe of the stylus. A frustrating experience to say the least...

As for some one that actually can make photoshop do what they want, I give the floor to Mary. Do you like looking at cool things? Well then, I recommend her works. I'm quite envious of her environment work as she seems to actually understand how to build a scene, unlike myself. (Horizons? What are those?) Of course, if your the sort that likes to hire bad ass artists to draw you bad ass things, then I think you should also check out her work and perhaps see what she brings to the party.

UNRELATED! My frustrations with computers have also been in the hardware front. Recently I upgraded my wife's GPU. My intent was to find her a modern card that could support all of her 3 glorious monitors, as compared to slaving another card in the PCI slot like I've always done. After seeing Matt's card in action and how it advertises 3 monitor support, I all too eagerly bought a Radeon 5770.

The first card was DOA... After three weeks of waiting for a replacement, I hooked up the new arrival. I had a HDMI converter ready as the there's only two DVI ports.

Frustration 1: The HDMI port does not work if you use the parallel DVI port. Fine. Whatever. I'll use the built in Displayport slot instead.

Frustration 2: The Displayport does not work with 'passive' adapters. Meaning I need a $100 adapter that supplies it's own juice. Seriously?

Frustration 3: The software to run the three monitors is not XP compatable. Well... Fuck.

Was it too much to want my one card to support the three monitors it claimed to? Defeated I type this with the left most monitor sitting, dark and dormant. *grumble*

Update: It never ceases to surprise me how polite and helpful our readers are. Thank you.

And for those curious about the CS4 issues, it's just a case of old drivers for the tablet... Such a simple answer, yet I failed to even consider it.