Feb.07.08 at 04:27 am
Hey look at that, another comic spawned. Must have had a server restart.

A while ago, I asked for input on Tablet PCs. I promised to report back when I made my final decision. Just wanted to give a heads up that my plans for such a purchase is on hold for now but the info you have fired my way has been archived and is very much appreciated. Until I am able to settle on a choice, I just thought I would mention the overwhelming recommendation of the Toshiba models or a Cintiq. While the Cintiq looks to have great sensitivity, I still would like a mobile solution.

Anyway, that will be something to mull over down the road.

Also, Wakfu Series. The last two artists I've talked about actually work for that game company, in case the art style wasn't obvious. Two things about this though... This guy is a living portal gun? And, this girl is twelve?