Aug.31.09 at 03:16 am
I guess I never mentioned it to Matt because I often forget that it exists. Mind you, my 'seeing colors where letters should be' isn't so intense that it inhibits my reading, I am convinced it's a root cause for my early failures at the written language in school, though.

I was surprised, however, when it came up in conversation at work one day. There's a couple of my coworkers on the art team that also see letters that way. The other members of the team just think we're weird.

When I first became aware that this was going on with my brain I tried to see if it was just some subconscious thing triggered by early learning. Like the Letter People or something. I discovered two things from that theory upon further exploration: One, that the letter people are all red, and couldn't be the source. And Two, they scare the crap out of me.

It wasn't till around late high school that the concept was truly explained to me via the interwebs.

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