Posted November 3, 2007 at 04:08 am
Sorry for the two week down time. I've had a lot to take care of. That vacation I have scheduled at the end of the month is looking better and better.

So yeah, check it, the first wave of our winter season merch is up. Not the standard black tee-shirts which seems to be a gamble in this field, but I stand behind them. I particularly like the Cherabim shirt... I'm kinda biased though.

Also new, is our chat page. Well, about as new as 1996.

Had a Halloween party at the office last week. Good times. As you can see in Matt's rant. I was the Cube. I ripped the model out of the game with a directx ripper, then rebuild the model in Maya. (The original model is almost 5k!) Printed it out, Jes cut it apart, then I pasted it together. The front, larger heart is a see-through fabric. The results, pure awesome.

I made my own pattern because the ones I've found thus far where...well... terrible. I'll post my own later. I'm that nice.
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