Apr.01.09 at 02:48 am
-First up, people wanted to see a higher resolution version of last week's panel 2. So here you go:
On Similes: Panel 2, High(er) Resolution

-Second, Henry Freeman. Need I say more?

-Third, Elder Sign.

-Fourth, I love the art of Niklas Jansson. His sense of volume, color and mechanics is staggering and I study anything he posts hoping to absorb the awesome. I've also really enjoyed the art and design of Megaman Legends. The robots are wonderfully iconic. Plus I have a soft spot for low resource games, which is sated by it's PS1 era graphics.

So when he posted up his latest mind scribblings, I was quite thrilled. Damn, that's awesome. I love how he expands apon the style of the game to overlap some of the original megaman's robot designs. Seriously, I receive nourishment from staring at these designs.

It's funny though, he loves him his low ride panties. (Which I won't fault him for as he draws them quite cute.) I like to play a game of "time till pantie" with his design docs. Same rules as "time till crate".

Bomber Queen - Scroll bar to bottom.

Master of Orion - 2/3rds down.

Star Control - Don't even need to scroll.