May.19.08 at 03:33 pm
First up, Matt and I will be setting up shop at Fanime this weekend. If you feel like swinging buy and sharing a story, feel free. I will most likely doing my best not to appear socially awkward while Matt surfs on his iPhone. I'll bring my usual sketchpad to do some doodlings.

Second, I'm not sure if Matt really intended for the above comic to happen. But any chance to draw a random bear... well, can't resist. Kinda came out sorta camel like though.

Third, as it has been mentioned, I work at Three Rings. As the job page suggests, we're looking for a 2d/3d artist. Particularly with strong diffuse map skills with a focus of low-poly. If you can honestly look at your own work and feel it can stand toe-to-toe with other similar spec'd, modern games, I want to see your portfolio. Honestly, I'm more interested in applicants with strong, basic art skills as compared to industry experience. However, I don't make the hiring call.

I can be reached through ian(a)