Posted July 25, 2007 at 02:15 am
You were warned...

Yeah... there's nothing false about this comic. Our cat, Schrodinger, vanished Tuesday. We assumed he ran out the door when we weren't paying attention. It was only after he was found again, by some local kids, that Matt noticed his window's screen was missing. We found the screen on the street, three stories below our apartment.

Jes rewarded the kids with a cake.

Schrodinger stole the cake's box.

I'm sure Matt is now quite sick of listening to Jes and I dote over our cats. We've been kind of sickeningly obsessive over their cute antics. What can I say, I grew up around the buggers and I enjoy'em.

Also, this is Pixel, his sister. I felt her choice of hide out was fitting.

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