Jan.11.10 at 03:11 am
My wife gave me a pair of Heely Shoes for Christmas. They're pretty awesome for my 3 miles of foot travel every day. Took about three weeks to adjust to the lack of traction on the heel, which of course lead to me 'injuring myself in the most predictable manner possible' as Matt put it.

The results of my reminder, that sidewalks are very hard, was that my left arm was pretty much immobile from swelling for about two weeks. Plenty of time to learn to skate slower.

Side note; No, the woman didn't stop to help me. I rather doubt she realized my fall was because I firmly planted my wheeled shoe in a trench in the concrete, locking my leg in place, then pushing off with the other leg, expecting to glide smoothly forward. Instead, I'm pretty sure I looked like a crazy guy rolling on the ground, holding my arm, and laughing at myself for my humiliating fall from Heely grace.

Anyway, comics are pretty touch and go this month as you've probably noticed. Matt, Dom, Jes and I are all in the middle of a pretty epic move to a new house along with various work deadlines that I'm damned determined to meet, if that's excuse enough.

Because of this, we've disappointingly had to withdraw from our appearance this weekend at Setsucon. We've never canceled from a con before, so this decision did not come easy. Our apologies to the visitors and staff.

Completely unrelated, but why didn't anyone tell me how twisted and awesome Baroque is? Sure, the animation is quite rigid and lifeless, but dang was it a good story. I also loved the sound track. Also, there sure is a lot of voices recognizable from the old toonami block... Which, is a weird perk. Any time I hear Elizabeth Mcglynn's voice, things just tend to be more awesome.