Jun.25.12 at 10:56 pm
No no, not the game. The Saturday morning cartoon of course.
Jun.25.12 at 08:44 am
Erika Moen made the best "if I had a penis" comic of all time.

Of all time!

I should be tired of this joke construction by now, but I'm not at all.
Jun.07.12 at 10:35 pm
It just came in. I should go get it signed.

Mah book
Still mah book
More mah book

Much thanks to Malki for giving feedback on the layout and Topatoco for doing such a good job with the printing.
May.31.12 at 10:40 am
First off, the Toe-Pah-Toe-Kohe crew got a huge bit cuter this week as team JohnnyWander joined. Cool beans! Their design sense has always made me mad jealous.

Second! As you can see the comic is up. Had some more delays this week, which are completely on me. However since this comic up so late in the week, I'll probably leave it up through next week since the majority of our traffic rolls in on Mondays.

If you want up to the hour info from us, just check out Matt & my twitters. Granted it's mostly Matt linking news reports and me griping about video games. But there's comic stuff in there too!

Now go forth and kick ass.
May.30.12 at 02:03 am
Too bad I canceled my City of Villains account. While Risu may be my favorite MMO character I've ever played, I just got sick of running out of content missions long before I was high enough level to leave the zone... and there's only so many newspaper missions I can stomach.

I'd like to rant more when it's not 2am... We'll see how that goes.
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