Feb.27.12 at 10:40 pm
Gonna keep this short; I Just want to plug a few very nice and creative folks we met over at AoD, that convention we were hanging out at earlier this month.

Friendly folks with things they want to share with you... but not in a rated R kinda way.
Feb.25.12 at 05:04 am
Walking away in the realm of the damned is really not as easy as it is here.
Feb.22.12 at 06:42 pm
Pretty burnt out due to some major releases with my job combined with the convention over the weekend. A good time was had at AoD, don't get me wrong, but it was thorough work out.
Feb.14.12 at 02:33 am
Hey, oh. As a reminder, Three Panel Soul will be at AoD this weekend.

We have a couple panels; 1-2pm Saturday, 3Ps social panel.
12-1pm Sunday, I have a panel about the game I work on, Spiral Knights.

Most of the rest of the time, we'll be parked at a table in the dealers room, shooting the shit. We've gotten a lot less socially awkward over the years of doing these conventions, so it's totally fine if you want to stop and chat. I promise not to blankly stare back at your attempts at interaction.
Feb.07.12 at 11:17 am
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