Jan.31.12 at 03:49 am
No comic this week. Work has me pretty dang busy. Pushing the polygons till the wee hours lately.

In the mean time, I've posted a couple doodles from my iPad. Last October, I picked up one as a guilty present to myself. I've been fascinated with the little devices as a digital sketch pad for some time, and I wasn't disappointed, either. Equipped with a Bamboo Stylus and a copy of Sketchbook Pro, it's served as quite the little idea recorder.

Mind you there are draw backs. No pressure sensitivity being a big one. While I've heard of software breakthroughs from 2010 that allowed for such things, it seems no one grabbed a hold of it. Guess there's always the iPad3. The other issue I have is with Sketchbook itself. The canvas size is set to a scant 768x1024. Blarg.

I stick with SB though because of its gesture based hot-keys and customizable GUI. Having the program keep up with your stream of drawing is vital to successful doodling. You can't keep up a good flow of ideas if you have to stop every 30 seconds to find the tool you need or to undo a step. (Learn your hot-keys!)

Lastly; I have to say, few things make me grin like Giant Bomb quicklooks. I highly recommend everyone should try some.
Jan.10.12 at 01:45 pm
I was visiting my parents over Christmas, and they'd just ordered a new washing machine. They were glad to be rid of the old one, because they'd had nothing but problems with it. For years, they haven't wanted to use the jet-dry liquid stuff because shortly after they bought it, a replacement part came in the mail. An accompanying letter explained that there had been a recall due to fires starting in the jet-dry system, and someone would be out shortly to install it.

Nobody came out, so Mom called the number on the letter. "Nobody came out?" they said. "That's weird. Well, someone will be out to install it." Nobody came.

I looked up the recall while I was being told this story. "It says you should stop using it," I said.

"Stop using the jet-dry stuff, right?"

"No, stop using the dishwasher and shut it off at the circuit breaker."

Also, when they remodeled the kitchen, they found it had burned a scorch mark into the linoleum, but Mom thinks that's an unrelated problem.
Dec.20.11 at 10:05 pm
Every year, Jes makes me a cake and I make her a drawing for exchange on our anniversary. Personally, I win out on the deal because pixels aren't very filling.

My wife asked for our Spiral Knights characters for this year. I obliged.

For a high resolution version of the above wander over this way.
Dec.13.11 at 02:47 am
For a high resolution of panel one look no further than the following link; Panel 1 - 690x1024
Nov.29.11 at 09:29 pm
Should you want more Khajiit related humor, I highly recommend Prequel. Every update further encourages the part of my brain responsible for frowning to shut-the-fuck-up.
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