Oct.25.10 at 12:32 pm
The Topatoco fellows are doing a housecleaning, because they have a warehouse full of shirts and nowhere to put the new ones coming in for Christmas. So they're having a sale on designs that are going out of stock

Clearance shirts start at $15 until Halloween. That is savings.

What's that, you say? You only read 3PS and none of the other Topatoco-family comics? Well, you are a damn liar. But since you've flattered us, here's our designs that are up for sale.

Oct.20.10 at 04:44 am
My appologies. My hardware is fighting me every step of the way. Hell, I just spent the last hour trying to get the site control panel to let me log in to post this.

Sep.30.10 at 04:12 am
Chandra will be teaching yoga in El Cerrito, near Berkeley. She's looking for students.

Go on and do yourself some flexibility and core strengthening exercises. I've done it, and she's a good teacher. If you also want to press her for information on mistakes I've made in my life, she's usually more than happy to detail them.


Gentle Yoga

Wed & Fri 9:00-10:00am

Pre-Natal Yoga

Wed 10:30-11:30am

Classes Start Week of Oct 4.

Intro special: First Class Free, then $10/class.

At Tatami MultiArts


9951 San Pablo Ave, El Cerrito

across from the El Cerrito Plaza

Three blocks from El Cerrito Plaza BART station

(510) 502-8517
Sep.27.10 at 03:39 am
It is no longer Matt's birthday.
Aug.17.10 at 05:11 pm
My inbox is really really backed up. I've very sorry about that. I certainly hope that my silence has not caused the thought of 'he doesn't care' 'cause that shit ain't true.

Receiving feed back is a crucial part of improving my own work and I can't do that if I ignore what I'm given. So, thank you for you words, they are greatly appreciated and I hope to reply to as many of them as possible.

Just note that I've failed English 112 three times in college, so please forgive any wandering commas.
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